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About the Author:

Garth Tuxford is a world-seasoned traveler and he has personally visited every location that features in all his books. In all he has visited 67 countries and many locations within these countries

During a seventeen-year career as a Royal Navy Diver and Physical Trainer, Tuxford has been posted to various trouble hotspots across Africa, Asia and Europe and is no stranger to hostile fire. He has also explored some of the most remote and beautiful locations on Earth. He has conducted both underground and underwater caving expeditions, hiked through the Asian rainforest, explored volcanic craters, witnessed the birth of new islands and climbed some of the world’s highest mountains.

Upon exiting the military Tuxford worked in hotel trade and a few years later, the travel industry. During this time, he spent several years living in Sri Lanka, India & The Maldives, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore as well as some time spent in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, this experience inspired his first written work, a volume of poetry entitled Poetry Like No Other. (Kindle) One of the poems from the collection, "Peace in Our Land", was later recognised with a prestigious award from the International Poetry Society.

Tuxford was widowed very suddenly in May 2006 and since retiring he spends a lot of his time writing and still traveling. In 2014 he was fortunate to have met and married his second Wife who has given him the zest for life once again.

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The Lion Hunter

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About The Lion Hunter

It was an incredibly hot and sticky morning and the sweat poured off Jimmy, Chris, and Thabo as they worked among the animals in the pens.
It was nearly thirty-eight degrees Celsius and was not yet ten thirty in the morning. This was unusual for the time of year and they had been baking like this for several weeks.

The dry season usually lasts until the end of March, but this was only the second week in February and if it continued the land would become totally parched and many of the animals would die.

It was becoming a desperate situation and Chris could not remember it ever being as bad as this before. They urgently needed more medical supplies for the animals and he thought that they could also do with getting another freezer and so he asked Thabo to make the journey to Nairobi to get what they needed.

The only real road that ran through the park was the A109 from Mombasa to Nairobi and the tarmac was so hot that it had turned molten and so sticky that it was too dangerous to drive along during the day with tyres sticking to its surface like superglue. It was only really safe to drive at night when the temperatures dropped.

It was nearly midnight before the roads had cooled enough for Thabo to drive. It was a long hot drive and he had needed to stop several times to allow the vehicle to cool down. He still managed to get to Nairobi before dawn but was now worried about the return journey. He was hoping that he could get the animal medical supplies and buy a new freezer early in the day and then he could rest up and make the return journey to Tsavo during the night.

The freezer that Thabo was bringing from Nairobi was desperately needed because many of the medicines they used for the animals needed to be kept in very cold conditions and now with so much space being used to cool water it was becoming a desperate situation.
Thabo was not usually bothered by the intense heat but even he was feeling irritable and beads of sweat pushed out onto his black brow. Nobody knew how old he was but he had several wives and numerous grandchildren all living down near the Cape who he visited on occasions. His previous completely black hair was now starting to show a few silver threads and he smiled ruefully as he noticed them in the driving mirror of the land rover.

Normally he enjoyed the occasional visit to Nairobi but the buildings in the city seemed to exacerbate the already sweltering heat. He had been and purchased the biggest and best freezer that was available and it was perched precariously in the back of the rover. It was a twenty one Cubic Foot Tropical chest freezer and he had been lucky to find this one, most of the refrigerators and freezers had been sold in the previous weeks with everyone trying to get whatever they could to help cope with these conditions.

Thabo left the land rover parked in the shade of a large palm tree in the car park of the Westgate Shopping Mall. He wandered around inside simply because it was fully air conditioned and he wanted to cool down before beginning the hot drive back to Tsavo. He stopped and chatted to one or two of the sales assistants that he knew from previous visits and he was beginning to relax knowing that he would be in this cooler environment for at least three more hours.

He sat on a stool at the cold drinks counter enjoying the rare opportunity of doing nothing for a few hours when suddenly his blood ran cold as he heard a man speaking to a sales assistant just out of sight around the end of the bar.
He had heard that voice before and it brought terror into his mind. At first he could not remember what it was, only that the sound terrified him. He tried to get a glimpse of the man but all he could see was his back. He was an older white man with shaggy white hair which still had one or two strands of its original very crinkly dark brown. He stood just over six feet and was broad shouldered and very powerful looking,…. but that voice?

He was speaking in English but there was a definite timbre to the voice that he could not make out. He wasn’t from England and Thabo had not heard too many white voices from anywhere else but England and South Africa. He wondered if he was from Australia and as he listened he began to tremble, desperately trying to recall why he was afraid of this man. Thabo remained on his stool racking his brain but he still hadn’t remembered when the man strolled casually away.

Then Thabo remembered and in a flash he vividly recalled everything as if it were only yesterday; this was the man that had killed his father when he was just a young boy. He recalled watching in horror and disbelief as this man butchered his father in cold blood, and now Thabo was trembling more violently in fear, anger and outrage. In all those years this sadistic killer had never been brought to justice.

The Lion Hunter

A Chilling Warning

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About "A Chilling Warning."

Regby Dornik - A Chilling Warning - Regby Dornik A Chilling Warning December 2089 In what I imagined were my last moments I thought of Lisa and our baby and that I would never hold her in my arms again or ever see the child that we had made. Childhood memories flashed through my tormented mind, Mum and Dad, my days at school, oh why hadn’t I worked harder at school, I was broken, screaming in terror and demented and then everything went black. I vaguely recall being half lifted and dragged and more terrifying thoughts pierced my already addled brain. Where were they taking me, where were my friends, was I about to enter a hell where pain would rack my body for eternity? It took several minutes for my eyes to focus and I was still shaking convulsively but almost resigned to whatever was going to happen to me. “Who are you?” I gasped in awe and fright. “Who are you?” Perhaps it is now time to go back to the beginning of this story and explain the full details of who I am and why I am here……………
We were due to anchor in Loch Foyle in a couple of days and I thought that a steady laboratory would make it much more pleasant work and the thought of terra firma for a few hours in the evening would be a real joy. A stroll through Londonderry was always pleasant and some of the boutique restaurants nearly made all that time at sea worthwhile.

For a few minutes I was lulled into thoughts of cold beer and warm food. What the hell was that, I was suddenly and violently brought back to the present as a loud juddering crashing sound gripped the ship. My immediate thought was that we had been in a collision with another vessel and as we continued to lurch and surge in the stormy 14 conditions I clawed my way up the ladder to get to the upper deck and find out exactly what was happening.

The Captain and half of the ships officers were on the Bridge and there was a lot of shouting and arguing going on. I managed to get a good look around but nowhere could I see any sign of the vessel I thought we must have hit. Soon it became clear amongst the chaos on the bridge that nobody appeared to know what we had been in collision with, there was much speculation and many of them thought that it was a submarine of some sort.

The hydrographer said he was sure that it wasn’t a rock or a piece of land as the surveying equipment was still steadily churning out the lines of the bottom which was about two thousand feet deep. It was a very strange feeling that evening as dark rapidly descended. At best during the day there was only half light at this time of year in these arctic regions. So far we still had no idea what the collision had been.

A hole of about five feet by six feet had been torn out of the ships side just below the waterline and the shipwright and his assistant worked rapidly to place a large tingle over the damaged area. It was nearly midnight before a very wet and bedraggled shipwright completed the temporary repair to the damaged ships side. He was in desperate need of a large tot of rum and the chef managed to cook up something warm for him to eat.

I was curious to chat to him about the damage as were several other officers including the Captain and so I had to wait until late the following afternoon before I managed to question him.
A Chilling Warning

The Fury of Inanna

If you wish to pay for  "REGBY DORNIK - THE FURY OF INANNA" then I  can send you a PAYPAL invoice.


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Also available from Amazon.

About Regby Dornik - The Fury of Inanna

Previously Petrey and his group had teamed up with Regby and his clan of Annunaki to defeat Inanna in a great and terrifying battle under the island of Surtsey in the North Atlantic.

Inanna is wanting revenge for this humiliation and with more of her kind newly arrived she plans the destruction of all of Regby’s clan who have now split up and living underground in isolated locations around the world.

Petrey had returned home to Mumbai and it is nine years since the epic battle and he had thought that no more would be heard from Regby and the Annunaki.

This story brings you up to date with the original crucial members of Petrey’s team and what they are doing now.
Does Petrey fulfil his promise to Regby to be there if he is needed or does he decide to stay at home with his family and friends?
Will his heroic team return with him for yet another day on the battlefield?
I imagine the answer is very clear.

Petrey is an honourable man but now he has a Wife and two young sons and some very serious consideration.
Read on as the story continues and unfolds.
With heavy hearts and wondering what we should do now we drove back to the hotel. We would have to remove Regby’s body from the room and then make plans to return to Scotland. On entering the room we were stunned to find that Regby’s body was missing. Someone or something had removed him. I carefully asked at reception if there had been any visitors or any messages left for us whilst we had been out. I was assured that nobody had called and there were no messages.

Brendan was feeling quite sick and said he needed to return home as soon as possible. Until now I had forgotten that he was getting old and the stress of the last couple of days culminating in Regby’s death and the subsequent disappearance of his body were taking its toll on his health.
The Fury of Inanna

Poetry Like No Other

If you wish to pay for  "POETRY LIKE NO OTHER" then I  can send you a PAYPAL invoice.


Available as a signed Direct Download to your Fb Messenger or email address. Just $1.99. Signed hard copy, US only $9.99
Also available from Amazon.

This is selection of my poetry from a number of different genres. I have also published 3 novels and a Children’s book in both Kindle and Paperback format available from Amazon.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy my writing and share your experience with others.

Poem Categories

Religious and Philosophical
Humorous and other
Short Poems

"Peace in Our Land."
I wrote this poem whilst the war was still raging in Sri Lanka and I was delighted some time later when I was given a prestigious award by the International Poets Society for mywork.

Peace in Our Land

Barely a breeze causes a ripple on the lagoon
Yet here on the shore a light wind stirs the leaves
The sun so hot it will make the strongest swoon
Yet this tranquil place of beauty does us all deceive
Behind the smiles of these friendly island folk
Lies the hidden tragedy of this war-torn isle
That has raged too long and is time the world awoke
To the atrocities being heaped upon them with such guile
Tis politics and religion that causes such great strife
These people divided by faceless men who just don’t care
About their own and with ease just take a life
While orphans and widows survive in a life which isn’t fair
It’s time to stop the war and live in peace
On this tear shaped island which could be paradise
No more bombs and bullets, just let the bloodshed cease
To let folks grow old and children play would suffice
Come now you gentle people of this idyllic land
Join hands in peace and cry we’ll take no more
Let our cultures unite and make Sri Lanka grand
And invite the world to our gentle peaceful shore
We have a dream, we have a vision
We will unite there will be no division
Stand strong and firm let us all be one
And the days of fighting will be gone
Poetry Like No Other

A Very Useful Almanac

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About A Very Useful Almanac. Just $4.49

Many times we are in need of information, for work, in leisure and just for the pleasure of knowing answers to common and not so common questions.

I have put this “A Very Useful Almanac” together which I believe everyone should have, School Children, College Students, Mums, Dads, Business people, Engineers, in fact as I said above, Everyone.

Print and carry a copy in the car – fun for long journeys with the children, big and small.

I have tried to cover a plethora of subjects which will fascinate and intrigue every reader and I will endeavour to continue to add and update it as new opportunities present themselves.

As you read on, you may notice that the spelling may seem a little different to what you are used to. I even have an answer for that, “I am from England,” and many words that Americans and English share are not always spelled the same.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the content

Chapter 1. American Presidents
Chapter 2. States and their capitals of the USA
Chapter 3. Capital Cities of the World
Chapter 4. Major World Rivers
Chapter 5. Major World Mountains
Chapter 6. Group Names for Animals.
Chapter 7. Metres to Feet Conversion Table
Chapter 8. Inches to Metric Conversion Table
Chapter 9. Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion Table
Chapter 10. Oceans and Continents

Quiz 1. General Knowledge
Quiz 2. Europe
Quiz 3. Asia
Quiz 4. Africa
Quiz 5. Australia
Quiz 6. USA
Answers to above Quizzes.
A Very Useful Almanac

Marti the Magnificent with Oscar and Riley

If you wish to pay for "MARTI THE MAGNIFICENT WITH OSCAR AND RILEY" then I can send you a PAYPAL invoice.


Marti the Magnificent with Oscar and Riley. Available as a signed Direct Download to your Fb Messenger or email address.  Just $1.99. Signed hard copy, US only $9.99

Also available from Amazon.
This is a story about Marti the Magnificent.

He is a Meerkat who meets and starts playing with his new friends, Oscar and Riley.

Oscar and Riley are my son’s two boys, and it was so much fun writing this exciting adventure story for children.

They initially thought the meerkat was a large rat. But they soon became firm friends on the promise that they did not tell their Mummy and Daddy that Marti the Magnificent could talk.
Marti the Magnificent with Oscar and Riley

Clive the Caterpillar with oscar and riley

If you wish to pay for  "CLIVE THE CATERPILLAR WITH OSCAR AND RILEY" then I  can send you a PAYPAL invoice.


Available as a signed Direct Download to your Fb Messenger or email address. Just $1.99.

Available as a signed Direct Download to your Fb Messenger or email address only. Just $1.99.

This is a story about Clive the Caterpillar.

He is a Caterpillar who meets and starts playing with his new friends, Oscar and Riley in their garden.

Oscar and Riley are my son’s two boys, and it was so much fun writing yet another exciting adventure story for children.

They initially nearly stepped on Clive because he was so small, but they rescued him and took care of him and even found food that he could eat.

Poor Clive was an orphan and really did not know how to take care of himself.

They soon became firm friends on the promise that they did not tell their Mummy and Daddy that Clive the Caterpillar could talk.
Clive the Caterpillar with oscar and riley

Quiz Game & Cuisine

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International Quizine $4.49

(International Quiz Game & Cuisine)

This is a truly incredible selection of Recipes from all around the world for you to enjoy with family and friends in the privacy of your own homes made complete with “QUIZINE” an International Quiz and Cooking game for all.

Available as a signed Direct Download to your Fb Messenger or email address.

“Bon Appetit”
Quiz Game & Cuisine

Helpful Hints for your Kitty

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This is a simple guide to making life a better, safer and more pleasant for your beloved kitty and family friend $2.49
Available as a signed Direct Download to your Fb Messenger or email address.

Loving your kitty takes no effort and they give so much love in return.

They seem to fit in with any type of family, Retirees, middle aged, and families with young children.

They ask for very little apart from a good meal and somewhere to sleep and they make a home complete.
Helpful Hints for your Kitty


I have now added several useful eBooks/Guides to the portfolio.
These are either written by me or I have the Author and Publishing rights

You are able to purchase any one of these eBooks for just $2.99 or any 4 for $10

This list will continue to grow as I work to increase my portfolio
Starting off with Collecting and Hobbies, Animals, Gardening
PLUS many more to come

Collecting and Hobbies
1. A Beginners Guide to Coin Collection.
2. Stamp Collecting as a Pastime.
3. Coin Grading.
4. The 9 Things you need to Know about Rare Coin Investing.

1. For the Love of Dogs.
2. Backyard Chickens.
3. Dog Health.
4. For the Love of Pets.
5. Choosing a Pet.
6. Adopting a Dog
7. For the Love of Cats
8. Raising Bengal Kittens

1. Evergreen Gardening
2. Organic Gardening (41 pages)
3. Organic Gardening (33 pages)
4. Organic Gardening for Beginners
5. Organic Gardening Tips
6. Building Your Own Greenhouse
7. Greenhouse Maintenance

1. Functional Fitness
2. Home Based Training
3. Insider Training
4. Kettleball Bootcamp
5. Personal Trainer Expert
6. Power Mass Blueprint
7. The Ultimate Home Workout Plan
8. Top Nutrition Tips

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