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About "A Chilling Warning."

Regby Dornik - A Chilling Warning - Regby Dornik A Chilling Warning December 2089 In what I imagined were my last moments I thought of Lisa and our baby and that I would never hold her in my arms again or ever see the child that we had made. Childhood memories flashed through my tormented mind, Mum and Dad, my days at school, oh why hadn’t I worked harder at school, I was broken, screaming in terror and demented and then everything went black.

I vaguely recall being half lifted and dragged, and more terrifying thoughts pierced my already addled brain. Where were they taking me, where were my friends, was I about to enter a hell where pain would rack my body for eternity? It took several minutes for my eyes to focus, and I was still shaking convulsively, but almost resigned to whatever was going to happen to me. “Who are you?” I gasped in awe and fright. “Who are you?” Perhaps it is now time to go back to the beginning of this story and explain the full details of who I am and why I am here……………
We were due to anchor in Loch Foyle in a couple of days and I thought that a steady laboratory would make it much more pleasant work and the thought of terra firma for a few hours in the evening would be a real joy. A stroll through Londonderry was always pleasant, and some boutique restaurants nearly made all that time at sea worthwhile.

For a few minutes, I was lulled into thoughts of cold beer and warm food. What the hell was that, I was suddenly and violently brought back to the present as a loud juddering crashing sound gripped the ship. My immediate thought was that we had been in a collision with another vessel and as we continued to lurch and surge in the stormy conditions I clawed my way up the ladder to get to the upper deck and find out exactly what was happening.

Thabo was a proud African Ndebele tribesman who was quick to smile and liked to please. He said that it was good to travel away from his own village so that he could get some peace away from his five wives and numerous children, he said he could only count up to twelve and didn’t know how many children there were. His language was Xhosa, but his English was excellent, and he chuckled a great deal. I liked him immediately, and I had this feeling that he would become a good and trusted friend. He made me feel safe in this vast, wild and beautiful country.

Petrey I do believe that Lisa is carrying a torch for you and if she is then I would not stand in the way of her happiness.”
“Mukesh, you are embarrassing me, and I am sure you are making Petrey uncomfortable too.”
“Yes, I do like him, a lot, but I don’t need my big brother to act as a negotiator. This is the late twenty-first century, and we no longer need an arrangement for this in India. Anyway, I can manage my own love life, thank you.”

It was a little after midnight and the night was as black as coal with not a star visible in the sky when a dark shape was once again sighted approaching the shoreline, this time a little closer to the entrance than yesterday morning. Jimmy and Mukesh were in the passageway that lay to the side of the main entrance, and James was in the passageway below. All of them had the pressure hoses attached to the quietly running pumps and ready to fire.


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A Chilling Warning