A Very Useful Almanac

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Many times we are in need of information, for work, in leisure and just for the pleasure of knowing answers to common and not so common questions.

I have put this “A Very Useful Almanac” together which I believe everyone should have, School Children, College Students, Mums, Dads, Business people, Engineers, in fact as I said above, Everyone.

Print and carry a copy in the car – fun for long journeys with the children, big and small.

I have tried to cover a plethora of subjects which will fascinate and intrigue every reader and I will endeavour to continue to add and update it as new opportunities present themselves.

As you read on, you may notice that the spelling may seem a little different to what you are used to. I even have an answer for that, “I am from England,” and many words that Americans and English share are not always spelled the same.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the content

Chapter 1. American Presidents
Chapter 2. States and their capitals of the USA
Chapter 3. Capital Cities of the World
Chapter 4. Major World Rivers
Chapter 5. Major World Mountains
Chapter 6. Group Names for Animals.
Chapter 7. Metres to Feet Conversion Table
Chapter 8. Inches to Metric Conversion Table
Chapter 9. Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion Table
Chapter 10. Oceans and Continents

Quiz 1. General Knowledge
Quiz 2. Europe
Quiz 3. Asia
Quiz 4. Africa
Quiz 5. Australia
Quiz 6. USA
Answers to above Quizzes.
A Very Useful Almanac