12 Aug

This is a new venture and a very exciting one for me. I have played with the idea of having a website and have been too busy writing rather than build a site.

I would like to invite you to subscribe to my blog and also take a look at the books that I have already available , with more to come. 

Please feel free to offer advice and ideas so that we can grow this website and blog.

I currently have showing, 3 Novels, 2 Children's books and 1 book of Poetry.

Most of the books are available on Amazon but I have also created an Easy to Read option whereby I can send any of my books, signed and sent direct to your email address. These can be paid for by PayPal.

Easy to Read Option

Regby Dornik - A Chilling Warning                                        $2.99

Regby Dornik - Inanna                                                             $2.99

The Lion Hunter                                                                       $3.49

Poetry Like No Other                                                               $2.99

Marti the Magnificent with Oscar and Riley                        $1.99

Clive the Caterpillar with Oscar and Riley                           $1.99   (no hard copy at this time)

International Quizine  (Only available direct)                      $6.49   (no hard copy at this time)

A Very Useful Almanac   (Only available direct)                 $4.49   (no hard copy at this time)

Helpful Hints for you Kitty (Only available direct)              $2.49   (no hard copy at this time)                              

Email me at regbydornik@gmail.com (contact email) with your order and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

* The email will not be published on the website.