I have now added several useful eBooks/Guides to the portfolio.
These are either written by me or I have the Author and Publishing rights

You are able to purchase any one of these eBooks for just $2.99 or any 4 for $10

This list will continue to grow as I work to increase my portfolio
Starting off with Collecting and Hobbies, Animals, Gardening
PLUS many more to come

Collecting and Hobbies
1. A Beginners Guide to Coin Collection.
2. Stamp Collecting as a Pastime.
3. Coin Grading.
4. The 9 Things you need to Know about Rare Coin Investing.

1. For the Love of Dogs.
2. Backyard Chickens.
3. Dog Health.
4. For the Love of Pets.
5. Choosing a Pet.
6. Adopting a Dog
7. For the Love of Cats
8. Raising Bengal Kittens

1. Evergreen Gardening
2. Organic Gardening (41 pages)
3. Organic Gardening (33 pages)
4. Organic Gardening for Beginners
5. Organic Gardening Tips
6. Building Your Own Greenhouse
7. Greenhouse Maintenance

1. Functional Fitness
2. Home Based Training
3. Insider Training
4. Kettleball Bootcamp
5. Personal Trainer Expert
6. Power Mass Blueprint
7. The Ultimate Home Workout Plan
8. Top Nutrition Tips

Easy Keto Diet Video Download (FREE)
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The keto diet is one of the best diets to follow if you are trying to lose weight fast and transform your lifestyle.
The keto diet is a dramatic diet shift for most people, making it notoriously difficult to start.

One of the best ways to start your keto diet is to arm yourself with the most reliable and helpful information possible.
The key to starting a keto diet is understanding the keto diet, how it works, and how to go keto.

Without a basic understanding of what going keto means, you can never successfully lose weight and take charge of your health using the keto diet.

Learn everything you need to know with this practical guide to the keto diet including keto recipes and meal plans for beginners.

Topics covered in the 10 Videos.
· 3 Benefits of Going Keto
· 3 Best Foods for Keto Diets
· 3 Easy Ways to Start Eating Keto Today
· 3 Keto Myths to Stop Believing Today
· 4 Reasons to Go Keto Now
· 5 Foods to Avoid on Keto
· An Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Thinking About It
· Keto A Safe Alternative to Fasting
· Keto and Intermittent Fasting Fast and Easy Results
· Ketosis Made Easy