Poetry Like No Other

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"Peace in Our Land."
I wrote this poem whilst the war was still raging in Sri Lanka and I was delighted some time later when I was given a prestigious award by the International Poets Society for mywork.

Peace in Our Land

Barely a breeze causes a ripple on the lagoon
Yet here on the shore a light wind stirs the leaves
The sun so hot it will make the strongest swoon
Yet this tranquil place of beauty does us all deceive
Behind the smiles of these friendly island folk
Lies the hidden tragedy of this war-torn isle
That has raged too long and is time the world awoke
To the atrocities being heaped upon them with such guile
Tis politics and religion that causes such great strife
These people divided by faceless men who just don’t care
About their own and with ease just take a life
While orphans and widows survive in a life which isn’t fair
It’s time to stop the war and live in peace
On this tear shaped island which could be paradise
No more bombs and bullets, just let the bloodshed cease
To let folks grow old and children play would suffice
Come now you gentle people of this idyllic land
Join hands in peace and cry we’ll take no more
Let our cultures unite and make Sri Lanka grand
And invite the world to our gentle peaceful shore
We have a dream, we have a vision
We will unite there will be no division
Stand strong and firm let us all be one
And the days of fighting will be gone
Poetry Like No Other