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"Peace in Our Land."
I wrote this poem whilst the war was still raging in Sri Lanka, and I was delighted some time later when I was given a prestigious award by the International Poets Society for my work.

Peace in Our Land

Barely a breeze causes a ripple on the lagoon
Yet here on the shore a light wind stirs the leaves
The sun, so hot it will make the strongest swoon
Yet this tranquil place of beauty does us all deceive
Behind the smiles of these friendly island folk
Lies the hidden tragedy of this war-torn isle
That has raged too long and is time the world awoke
To the atrocities being heaped upon them with such guile
’Tis politics and religion that causes such great strife
These people divided by faceless men who just don’t care
About their own and with ease just take a life
While orphans and widows survive in a life which isn’t fair
It’s time to stop the war and live in peace
On this tear shaped island, which could be paradise
No more bombs and bullets, just let the bloodshed cease
To let folks grow old and children play would suffice
Come now you gentle people of this idyllic land
Join hands in peace and cry we’ll take no more
Let our cultures unite and make Sri Lanka grand
And invite the world to our gentle peaceful shore
We have a dream, we have a vision
We will unite there will be no division
Stand strong and firm, let us all be one
And the days of fighting will be gone


Out There

Have you ever stood and looked on a clear, dark night,
To gaze at the breath-taking infinity of stars
Let your thoughts run wild at this astonishing sight
The twinkling of the nears and fars
The closest star many light years away
A distance too far to comprehend
This awesome collection in splendid array
As we view each night ascend
Are we so proud to think we are unique?
Or are there millions of earths like ours
Spread across the galaxies, we are no freak
But just a fraction of the Architect's powers
Our galaxy the Milky Way, so vast yet carefully planned
Just stop awhile and stand and stare
Too much to understand
And know there are trillions more out there
So splendid and so grand


Spring Arrived

Spring came today in a mighty hurry
Multitudes of birds were all a flurry
Their whistling and their warbling song
Ending winter, which had been far too long

Great joy at feeling the warming sun
Parents and young children having fun
No more long faces in the cold and rain
But able to enjoy the garden again

From my garden chair, a plethora of sound
As I sit and view my neighbours all round
Cutting of grass and sweeping of leaves
Whilst no-one for the winter grieves

Gardens will now just burst alive
As myriads of butterflies and birds arrive
With beauteous colours of every hue
And cloudless skies above of blue

Come and wonder at the English Spring
Tis surely a joyous and a beautiful thing
And happy folk now winter has gone
Who wish that spring would go on and on


A Poet Out Of Rhyme

Many times, I have faltered in my struggle to write rhyme
Perhaps it’s time to stop, I knew one day it would be time
I often sit and wonder what I would do when this time came
So many un-penned poems 'tis the end I thought, a shame

I have struggled many times and held my aching head
Looking for a rhyme or two, just hoping to be lead
I am desperate now to find some fitting lines to write
But sadly, all my fancy words now gone and taken flight

Will they return I thought or is this just destiny?
A broken and lost poet, my words stripped cruelly
Fragmented words strewn round me and sadly all were broke
Words that I’d loved to fashion, lost in a single stroke

Many tears of sadness fell upon my futile work
It had been a lifetime pleasure but had now begun to irk
I had lost the urge and passion to create great poetry
And now plummeted into depths of despair and misery

I hoped it was a nightmare and tomorrow I would wake
With inspiration in my soul and my sorrow to forsake
As I drifted off to sleep, some words formed in my brain
I felt my confidence return, soon I would write again.


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