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About The Lion Hunter

It was an incredibly hot and sticky morning and the sweat poured off Jimmy, Chris, and Thabo as they worked among the animals in the pens.
It was nearly thirty-eight degrees Celsius and was not yet ten thirty in the morning. This was unusual for the time of year, and they had been baking like this for several weeks.

The dry season usually lasts until the end of March, but this was only the second week in February and if it continued the land would become totally parched and many of the animals would die.

It was becoming a desperate situation, and Chris could not remember it ever being as bad as this before. They urgently needed more medical supplies for the animals, and he thought that they could also do with getting another freezer, and so he asked Thabo to make the journey to Nairobi to get what they needed.
This is a fast-moving African Action Thriller about the senseless and pointless killing of lions for profit in and around Kenya and Tanzania by a vicious and ruthless lion poacher, kidnapper, and murderer.
Describes in detail the tracking down of this brutal bloodthirsty felon across many parts of East Africa and traversing a wide area of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

After a dangerous journey up the East African coast on an Arab Boum, which is a medium-sized deep-sea dhow and traditional Arab sailing- vessel and a stop on the island of Madagascar, they finally get their quarry back to the authorities to face justice.
This is the story of intense courage fraught with great danger by three dogged and determined brothers from South Africa who finally bring this loathsome rogue before a Judge.

A book that is difficult to put down once you begin reading.
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Hundreds of animals were without water, and they would die the most painful of deaths if it did not rain soon. Any water that remained had turned brackish and brown, and the smell of death seemed to permeate the very air itself.

TEASER 2. Thabo sat up and was thinking of going to see where his father was going when there was a huge, loud bang, and he saw his father come running back into the clearing. He had only gone a few yards and there was a second bang and his father fell to the ground. Seconds later, three assailants ran into the clearing and dragged his father back out into the bush.

TEASER 3. Several of the other hyenas left the lion and joined in. They attacked his legs; Josh was still alive and trying to kick at them as the first hyena completely tore away his arm and ran a few yards away to protect his meal. The blood was pumping out of the awful gaping wound, and this just excited the already blood-thirsty hyena.

TEASER 4. Daylight was approaching, and they could see two male lions and five or six cubs, but no sign of any females. Presumably, they were out hunting for their hungry brood.
This was the very area that Yark carried out his illicit lion hunting expeditions, and they had brought him here.

The Lion Hunter